This was a beautiful sentiment posted by DeAnna on Instagram after the Miss USA competition

If you have been following me since I was on The Voice you might know how scared I was to do that show and to be on national TV and how hard it was for me to overcome the fear of failing. That fear of the judgement of others kept me from doing a lot. It's kind of ironic now that I voluntarily got involved in a beauty competition where people are judging and critiquing everything about me. From my accent to my weight I have heard and read it all, and I have come to the realization that I am so happy and content with who I am and no ones comments or words are going to change that. Watching this video just about made me tear up. It takes so much courage as a woman to stand on a stage in front of millions and hold on to the truth that we are enough and deserving and the only opinion that should matter is the one that we hold of ourselves. My prayer for everyone is to take advantage of every opportunity. Use what makes you unique to inspire other people to dream big, and never allow fear to keep you from trying. "Have Courage and Be Kind." I'm going to Miss USA guys #missusa
A post shared by Baby De (@deannajohnson23) on May 7, 2017

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