Why this fan site? Easy, what DeAnna did covering Listen to Your Heart:

I wanted some way to document each and every Perfect Sound and Look Moment (PSALM) :)

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Dusty Cox to ‎DeAnna Johnson April 23 ·

Wow is all I can say. Your voice is soooo amazing. I was so upset that you were not the one saved. The song you did last night for your save I still have goose bumps from that. I know that there is a bright future for you in singing. Please if you only take one thing away from this experience, please let it be the fact that there are hundreds of thousands of people that love your voice and will buy you albums. So be scared or nervous when you perform. Go out there with the attitude that hell yea this is all me I got this, all these people showed up to hear me so that's what I will give them. Good luck and I will be waiting to buy your first album.

Shawn Hinkle - Deanna is the perfect example of what this country needs, being genuine and ridiculously talented while being so grounded and humble at the same time. not to mention her stunning good looks. She renews my belief in humanity......

When I See You Again snippet

When I See You Again Waycross 4th July 2015